Red Slingback Heels

Addison Brooks
11 min readMar 30, 2024



Style and fashion add an extra dose of confidence to our everyday lives. For those who love to make a statement with their footwear, red slingback heels are a must-have. In this article, we bring you some of the best red slingback heels currently available in the market. Whether you’re heading to a party or a casual outing, these stylish heels are guaranteed to add an element of chic to your ensemble. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to fall in love with the fabulous selection of red slingback heels we have curated for you.

The Top 5 Best Red Slingback Heels

  1. Elegant Red Pointed Toe-Slingback Pumps by Betsey Johnson — Experience glamour and comfort with Betsey Johnson’s red slingback heels, featuring a pointed toe silhouette, low kitten heel, and easy slip-on style for an evening of style and sophistication.
  2. Elegant Red Slingback Heels with Leather Upper — Experience chic day-to-night style with Franco Sarto’s Khloe Leather Slingback Heels in a vibrant red color, featuring a comfortable kitten heel, adjustable buckle closure, and eco-conscious materials.
  3. Stylish Buckle Slingback Heels for Women — Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort with the stunning Mango Slingback Heeled Shoes in Red, designed for all your office looks.
  4. Elegant Red Slingback Pump with Square Toe and Padded Footbed — Elevate your style with the Anne Klein Laney pump, featuring a red slingback design, comfortable square toe, and a padded footbed for a chic, practical look.
  5. High Fashion Ankle Strap Platform Sandals — Feel the comfort and style of the Aldo Kat Patent Ankle Strap Dress Sandals with their red, pillowy heels and adjustable fit that adds a touch of luxury to any outfit.

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Elegant Red Pointed Toe-Slingback Pumps by Betsey Johnson


Slipping into the Blue by Betsey Johnson Clark pumps brought an instant glamorous vibe to my look. The pointed toe and slingback strap, adorned with rhinestone embellishments, added a touch of sophistication.

The comfortable, lightly padded footbed made these lovely shoes a delight to wear. Although the low kitten heel elevated my outfit, I noticed a slight slippage due to the non-adjustable strap, making them unsuitable for a full day of activities.

Nevertheless, these sparkly shoes were perfect for my evening events, adding a touch of elegance to my outfit.

Elegant Red Slingback Heels with Leather Upper


When I first tried on these Franco Sarto Khloe heels, I was excited to see how they’d look and feel on my feet. The first thing that stood out was the elegant, pointed toe design, and the rich, red color really added a pop to my outfit. I appreciated the adjustable buckle closure, which made it easy to find my perfect fit.

I also loved the heel height — just the right amount to add some extra style without being too high or uncomfortable. What I didn’t love was the fact that the shoes were labeled as ‘leather’ when in reality, they were made from a faux material. I was a bit disappointed by this detail, as I thought I was investing in a quality, real-leather shoe.

Despite this minor drawback, I have to say that these heels are very comfortable, thanks to the partially recycled linings and eco-conscious design. The 2-inch heel is just the right height for walking around without feeling too much strain. Overall, they’re a great option for someone looking for a stylish, comfortable shoe to wear during the day or dress up for a night out.

Stylish Buckle Slingback Heels for Women


These stylish Mango shoes, with their slingback design and pointed toes, are a great addition to any lady’s wardrobe. The faux leather material gives them a sleek look, and the buckle detail adds an extra touch of elegance. The comfortable kitten heel makes them perfect for a night out or even for a day at the office.

While the shoes are stylish and comfortable, the inner lining tends to be a bit rough, which can be a bit uncomfortable for long-term wear. Overall, these Mango shoes are a great choice for a fashion-forward, red-loving lady.

Elegant Red Slingback Pump with Square Toe and Padded Footbed


There’s something undeniably alluring about the Anne Klein Laney Pump, and as someone who’s tried them on personally, I can vouch for it. From the sleek square toe to the cushioned padded footbed and the slender but comfortable block heel, these shoes definitely have an elegance about them. The shoe’s slingback design, which holds it in place with a soft, velvety band that adjusts around your calf, is an added bonus.

In terms of sizing, there’s a bit of wiggle room for some adjustment. Some users found they had to go up a size due to the toe box being slightly narrower than what they expected. The adjustable heel strap of these slingbacks added a touch of convenience for those seeking a customized fit. Some did mention that the upper part of the shoe felt a bit tight initially because the leather was stiff, which might need some breaking in.

As alluded in the review, the shoes had a nice fit in terms of length. Users found them true to size, although some did have to buy up half a size because they believed the shoes were a bit tighter than expected in the toe box.

The comfort of these shoes varied among users. Some users appreciated the cushioning that provided an extra level of comfort, which was particularly beneficial for those spending longer hours in their heels. On the contrary, a handful of users reported experiencing discomfort or even pain, citing the shoes’ lack of comfort for extended wear. Some others shared their dissatisfaction about the shoes’ material being too rigid and causing pinching or, in some instances, swelling.

Given all this, it’s obvious the Anne Klein Laney Pump is a hit or miss. With some tweaks to ensure a more comfortable wearing experience, these stylish pumps could be a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

High Fashion Ankle Strap Platform Sandals


I recently tried out the Aldo Kat Patent Ankle Strap Dress Sandals in red, and I must say, they have been a fabulous addition to my summer shoes collection. The most striking feature of these sandals was the patent finish, which gave them a classic and timeless look. The stiletto heel elevated the sandals to a sophisticated level, making them a perfect choice for dressing up any outfit.

The Pillow Walk technology provided in these sandals was a game-changer. The dual-density foam and padded footbed ensured that I could walk comfortably all day long, without experiencing any pressure points or discomfort. This feature turned out to be a real winner for me, as I often suffer from sore feet after wearing heels for long hours.

However, there was a downside to these sandals. Despite the overall good quality, I noticed that the stitching and seams were not as professionally done as expected. I encountered a few loose threads and uneven seams, which led me to question the sandals’ durability. This was a bit disappointing, considering the fact that these sandals were in the pricier range.

In conclusion, while I am delighted with the Aldo Kat Patent Ankle Strap Dress Sandals’ sleek design and comfort, the lack of craftsmanship and potential durability concerns might lead me to consider other options in the future. Nonetheless, I would still recommend these sandals for their style, comfort, and cushioning features, especially if you are comfortable with the potential trade-offs.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the perfect pair of red slingback heels, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get a comfortable, stylish, and durable purchase. Here’s a buyer’s guide detailing important features, considerations, and general advice for red slingback heels.



Choose between the following materials for your red slingback heels based on your preference and lifestyle. Red suede heels are elegant and versatile while leather is durable and practical for outdoor use. PVC heels may be lightweight and easy to clean, but they may not be as breathable or comfortable as other materials.


It’s essential to find the right fit for your red slingback heels to ensure comfort and proper support. Most red slingback heels come in standard women’s sizes, but some brands may offer wider widths or half sizes for a better fit. Try them on before purchasing or consider measuring your foot and referring to the brand’s size chart.



Comfort is key for any type of footwear. Look for red slingback heels with proper cushioning, such as molded footbeds, supportive arch technology, and shock-absorbing insoles. These features are especially important for everyday wear or long periods of standing or walking, providing the comfort and support you need.


The design of your red slingback heels can impact both the comfort and style. Consider features like adjustable straps, open or closed-toe styles, platform soles, and stacked heels. These factors can affect the overall fit and wearability, and also the aesthetic appeal of your heels. Select a design that fits your fashion sense and suits the occasions you’ll be wearing the heels.



What are red slingback heels?

Red slingback heels are a type of women’s footwear characterized by their unique slingback design and a bold red color. The slingback style features a strap that wraps around the back of the heel and fastens at the back of the ankle or calf, providing both comfort and style. The red color adds a pop of vibrancy to any outfit, while the heels offer a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Overall, red slingback heels are a versatile and stylish choice for any woman who wants to make a statement with her footwear while maintaining both comfort and style in her daily life or special occasions. They are available in various styles, materials, and price points, making them accessible to many fashion-conscious individuals who appreciate quality and style.


What are the benefits of wearing red slingback heels?

Wearing red slingback heels comes with a variety of benefits, including the following:

  1. Style: Red slingback heels are a bold and daring statement of style that can make any outfit stand out. They add a touch of elegance and refinement, whether worn at a formal event or a casual outing. 2. Comfort: The slingback design provides extra support and comfort to the back of the foot and ankle, making them a comfortable choice for everyday wear or longer hours on your feet. 3. Versatility: Red slingback heels are versatile footwear that can be worn in various settings, from a day at the office to a night out on the town. They can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  2. Ease of use: The slingback design of these heels makes it quick and easy to put them on and take them off, unlike other styles that require more time and effort to secure. This simplicity and convenience make red slingback heels a popular choice for many women seeking stylish, comfortable footwear that can be easily incorporated into their daily routine.

Are there any downsides to wearing red slingback heels?

Like any fashion choice, there are potential downsides to wearing red slingback heels. Some possible drawbacks include:

  1. Limited comfort when walking long distances: While the slingback style provides support and comfort to the back of the foot and ankle, prolonged walking in high heels may cause discomfort or even pain. As such, these heels may not be the best choice for all-day wear.
  2. Availability and versatility: Depending on your location and the time of year, red slingback heels may be more difficult to find in stores or online. Additionally, certain styles or materials may limit their versatility, making them more suitable for specific occasions or looks. It’s essential to research and choose a pair that not only fits your style but also offers a good balance of comfort and functionality.

Can red slingback heels be worn for both casual and formal occasions?

Yes, red slingback heels can be worn for both casual and formal occasions; however, it’s essential to consider the style, material, and overall look of the shoes when making your choice. For a more casual, everyday look, opt for a pair with a more relaxed heel height, lighter fabric, and a closed-toe design. These shoes will offer both comfort and style in a variety of settings.

For more formal events, choose a pair of red slingback heels with a higher heel height, a pointed toe, and a more sleek and refined design. These shoes will add an elegant touch to your outfit and help you make a statement without sacrificing comfort. Regardless of the occasion, ensure that the shoes are clean, polished, and in good repair to maintain their style and appeal throughout the event.

What are the best materials for red slingback heels?

When choosing the best materials for your red slingback heels, consider factors such as comfort, durability, and style. Some popular materials for slingback heels include leather, suede, and synthetic materials like microfiber or patent leather. Each material has its unique benefits and drawbacks, so consider your specific needs and preferences.

Leather is a classic and durable choice that offers both comfort and style. It is easy to clean and maintain, and can last for years with proper care. However, it may not be the most breathable option, particularly in warmer climates. Suede is another popular choice for slingback heels, as it is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. It may require more careful maintenance, such as regular cleaning to prevent stains and scuffs. Synthetic materials like microfiber or patent leather are lightweight and easy to care for, making them a popular choice for casual, everyday wear.

How can I care for red slingback heels?

Proper care is essential to ensure that your red slingback heels maintain their style and longevity. Here are some tips to help you care for your shoes:

  1. Clean them regularly: Regularly wipe your shoes with a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and debris that can scratch or damage the surface. For more extensive cleaning, use a soft bristle brush or a damp cloth to gently remove any stuck-on dirt or stains. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, which can damage the material.
  2. Protect the finish: To maintain the vibrant red color of your heels, use a shoe polish or conditioner specifically designed for your type of leather or suede. Apply the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions and allow it to dry completely before wearing your shoes. This will help protect the finish and extend the life of your red slingback heels. 3. Store them properly: When not in use, store your heels in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Use a shoe bag or box to help protect the shoes from dust and scratches, and keep them organized to make it easy to find and wear the shoes when needed.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.